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UMAX Olympic Bars feature Drop-Forged One Piece Sleeves and Maintenance Free Bolt-Less Assembling Technology.                   
All 7 FT bars (OB7) are made of High Strength Heat-Treated Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel.  
Item# Specification Unit Qty
OB7-20KG-P 5 Needle-Bearing, 190,000 T.S., 20 KG, Made in USA Each
OB7-20KG-S Brass Bushings, 160,000 T.S., 20 KG, Made in USA Each
OB7-5NB 30mm Hard Chromed Bar, 5-Needle Bearings Each
OB7-C Hard Chromed Bar, Brass Bushings Each
OB7-B Black 7' Bar, Hard Chromed Sleeves Each
OCB Olympic Curl Bar, Hard Chromed Each
OB6-15LB-A 6', 15LB Aluminum Training Bar, Made in USA Each
OB5 5' Olympic Bar, Hard Chromed Each
OLJ Olympic Lock-Jaw Collars. Can be used with bumper plates Pair
OSC Olympic Spring Collars Pair